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January Community of Practice: Transforming Relationships Through Restorative Practices

January 19at9:30 am - 11:00 am

RestorativeDC’s Community of Practice (CoP) is a space to share ideas, quality practices, and knowledge on restorative approaches.

What role does friendship play in developing a positive restorative school community? Relationships built on restorative character traits such as respect, compassion, collaboration, and trust can lead to friendships forming that serve as the foundation of adult and student (peer to peer) engagement. When both students and staff have an understanding of what it takes to build friendships and the skills needed to maintain trusting relationships, there is an increase in a broader sense of belonging, social & emotional well-being, and resilience for everyone in the school community.

This Community of Practice will provide participants with an opportunity to share personal success stories of friendship and identify restorative processes to create opportunities for students to develop friendships while also witnessing friendliness modeled by adults in their schools.

What restorative practices create an outlet for students to build social emotional learning skills needed to foster positive friendships?
What role do adults play in modeling friendships for students?
What is the relationship between academic success and friendships?
How can friendships aid students in navigating difficult times?

Please register for the January CoP at the following link:


January 19
9:30 am - 11:00 am
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