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Thumbnail: RestorativeDC Services Guide 2021Restorative justice is a philosophy based on shared power and accountability. Rooted in indigenous traditions and animated by a set of practices for building community and responding to harm, restorative justice is grounded in empathy, inclusivity, and collaboration. Restorative justice has been used successfully in many contexts, including schools. SchoolTalk’s RestorativeDC supports D.C. agencies and communities in integrating restorative practices and culture change.

This guide provides an overview of the menu of customizable virtual and in-person services RestorativeDC offers and how the services can be tailored to fit the needs of individual D.C. Schools. It is organized by subject, with descriptions of relevant resources and technical assistance options. It complements RestorativeDC’s monthly, OSSE-sponsored professional development series, available to anyone who works with D.C. schools and the agencies and organizations that support them.

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