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Lennie Smith MA, BCT/RDT is a seasoned educator, trainer, university professor, author, and entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in public school systems, alternative education programming, corporate and non-profit organizations. Lennie is the co-founder of Dramatic Solutions Inc. Lennie is a strong advocate for active and collaborative learning in the classroom for disengaged learners. During his tenure as Co-founder and Director of a non-profit drama education organization, Lennie successfully developed and implemented an interactive life skills program at a juvenile detention center, consisting of user-specific curricula and training modalities.

Lennie strongly believes in the power of drama to educate, empower, and enlighten. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Drama and a Master of Arts degree in Speech and intercultural Communication from New York University. Lennie is a Board-Certified Registered Drama Therapist, with additional credentialing in Process Communication Model Training and Quality Matters Online teaching. Lennie is currently a doctoral student at Morgan state University.

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